"Hummus is a gateway food to everything else in your fridge"



Hi, I'm Mauro. I moved to London almost a decade ago with a big passion and love for food and Cheffing. Working around the city starting from washing dishes in small cafe's to cooking in high-end restaurants I noticed a big thing that was common - Throw away perfectly good surplus, from vegetables & fruits that wasn't fully fresh, didn't look 'pretty' anymore or trimmings that wasn't portion worthy. 

So I decided to do something about this.

I've always been a huge lover of vegan foods and dishes, trying and testing different combos to create great flavours. Because of this I decided to start a little business from home, making some hummus, dips & snacks for close friends and neighbours to reimagine the surplus food I brought home from restaurants as I couldn't stand just throwing it all away. 

Recognising that the hummus had more potential and hearing great feedback and support pushed me to grow and develop Chickee. 

We now get most of our veggies from ethical & local producers to make healthy, fresh and nutritious hummus.

Mauro x